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Our story...


   Our family arrived in Calgary, Canada in 2000. In 2003 when I successfully passed the exams to be a  licensed REALTOR, I only knew 4 Romanian families, one Polish and few work colleagues from AT&T Canada, now Allstream.

So, yes it was challenging and now looking back, almost 15 years later... quite a ride!

I was born in Romania and this is where I got my University Degree in PR& Communication. Shortly after I was hired by IBM Romania as a project coordinator for a major project with the Romanian Customs Office. A fter wotking with IBM for over a year , I applied to a job closed to my passion: a position with Connex (Vodaphone Group) and loved it. I worked in their Marketing & Communication Department and in few short months I was promoted twice, to become a Project Manager.

So, in short, I never had a sales job.

When I got my license, all my friends were asking if I had any experience as a sales person. The way I look at Real Estate is as a PEOPLE HELPING business. It is not about the sales, is about finding the perfect match for my clients, is about falling in love with their next home.

I love my profession and I am proud to be called a REALTOR. Now I have my own company (became a REAL  ESTATE BROKER )  and I cannot picture myself doing something else.

My motto: If you add passion in what you do, the rest (success) will come!

I hope that you, my Reader, are happy with your professional life!

Remember, it must be fulfilling, because life IS short!


Nicoleta Kallo